Thursday, November 17, 2011


I saw a video on YouTube the other day, but I couldn't hear the woman giving the directions to make this potholder, because my speakers weren't working for some reason.  I did the best I could from just watching the video.
Trial and error...first mistake I needed a bigger quilt acrylic square to cut my fabric. I only had a 6 x6 inch square, and it turned out way to small for a pot holder that I would use. Since this first pot holder was a trial and error piece I'm not disappointed. I won't use this first pot holder for the oven, but I can still place it on the table and place a hot dish or pan on it.
You can view the video here that I watched and tried ....simple potholder in minutes
I have to admit it took me many minutes, because I didn't have any fabric cut and ironed and ready to assemble. I used fabric pieces that I had on hand, and I also used a thin quilt batting in between the layers for added thickness.
Next time I am out I will pick up a bigger acrylic quilt block template to cut my fabric pieces. I still need to listen to the video.
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Barbara said...

I've made these, only smaller for coasters! It's a fun project.

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the gray and pink; and this will be lovely waiting on your table for a tasty hot dish.