Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mini Maine Getaway vacation

11.2011 Maine Otisfield maple trees in color
Early Tuesday morning my cousin, Cheryl came to the house. We loaded her stuff into the back of my SUV, and we were ready to hit the road...destination... Maine for a few days. We stayed in Otisfield, at my brother and sister in law's getaway vacation home. Otisfield is near Casco and Windham and Naples.
My car in the drive way shortly after we arrived at my brother's place around noon. I have lots of photos to share that I took while I was away.

11.2011 Maine Otisfield Richard and Terrys
11.2011 Maine Otisfield Richard and Terrys trees in yardbirch trees in the yard
11.2011 Maine Otisfield Thompson lake1 Lake Thompson just down the hill from my brothers place
11.2011 Maine Otisfield Thompson lake2Lake Thompson

Okay, gee, where do I start? We drove all around thru back roads. We stopped at several gift and thrift shops. I bought a few Christmas gifts in our shopping expeditions. Finding a bead store and then a stamps store was an added bonus. :-)
Tuesday afternoon we drove to Windham to a great fabric/quilt store that we had been to before.
11.2011 Maine Windham Calico Basket quilt shop first afternoon stop after bringing our stuff to the house. I bought some fabric and also some wool pieces for penny rugs.
 11.2011 Maine fabric1  don't know what I will do with these fat quarters yet. I just liked them.
11.2011 Maine fabric 2reindeer.liner11.2011 Maine fabric santa reindeer stocking3Christmas stocking fabric and liner
This store has a great selection of fabrics and so many patterns to choose from. A wonderful shop!

Wednesday morning....leaving the house a short distance from my brother's place we saw 3 deer in the field at an apple orchard. By the time I got my camera out, one deer started to walk away, but I was able to get his picture.
11.2011 Maine Otisfield 2deer in apple farm field211.2011 Maine Otisfield deer in apple farm field1
11.2011 Maine Otisfield snow lake mts further down the road snowy field with mountains in the distance
11.2011 Maine foggy morning snow on mnt. topbirch trees and mountains in the background
11.2011 Maine Otisfield snow lake mts2 11.2011 Maine Otisfield snow lake mts3   snow on the ground, but most had already melted
     11.2011 Maine cloudy morn. island in the lake island in the middle of a lake
 11.2011 Maine Otisfield foggy morning foggy morning
11.2011 Maine Otisfield foggy morning from inside car 2    Wednesday morning...taken thru my windshield..very foggy
11.2011 Maine Bridgton water and mts at causewayCasco
11.2011 Maine welcome to porland sign Portland is about a 1/2 hour from my brother's place.

11.2011 Maine Portland Caravan beads signPortland
11.2011 Maine Caravan Beads Portland business cardCaravan Beads in Portland...a huge bead store
11.2011 Maine Caravan Beads Portland wall of beads 1
11.2011 Maine Portland Caravan beads wall of  beads2
11.2011 Maine Portland Caravan beads wall of  beads3
11.2011 Maine Portland Caravan beads wall of seed beads2
11.2011 Maine Portland Caravan wall of seed beads 2I thought I was in bead heaven.
11.2011 Maine Portland something fishy sign Portland, a fun sign11.2011 Maine Portland Akers Associates sign took a picture because the sign had my last name. Portland
11.2011 Maine Portland Akers Associates sign2      11.2011 Maine Portland funny bandages in cans Portland..funny bandages in a little gift shop
11.2011 Maine Portland the thirsty pig sign I tend to take pictures that have pigs because my oldest son, Tommy does pig roasts as a side business.
11.2011 Maine Portland simply scandinavian sign Simply Scandinavian store
11.2011 Maine Portland simply scandinavian store
heading to Bridgton
 11.2011 Maine Bridgton water and mts at causeway
11.2011 Maine lge old telephonehuge antique phone monument in front of a phone company
11.2011 Maine Elk farm sign
11.2011 Maine Elk farm lge male elkelk with huge rack of horns
11.2011 Maine Elks    the elk all come running when you go to put a quarter in the machine that is filled with corn for people to feed them. We saw this elk farm when we went to get apples.
11.2011 Maine vintage lace piecesvintage lace work that I picked up in a flower shop heading to Norway and Paris. The piece on the right has a flower and stem.
11.2011 Maine chair made from skischair made of ski's at an apple stand
11.2011 Maine W. Paris sugar housesnow on the roof of this sugar house in West Paris. I was looking for Fancy grade maple syrup, but I didn't find any.
11.2011 Maine Birch trees at my cousin Andys old place Norway South Paris..taken at the property my cousin Andy use to own.
11.2011 Maine Naples Tonys Foodland umbrella signTony's Foodland grocery store, Naples, Maine
11.2011 Maine Naples Tonys Foodland umbrellas1 Tony's grocery store has umbrella's of all kinds hanging from the ceiling thru out the store.
11.2011 Maine Naples Tonys Foodland umbrellas2 more umbrella's11.2011 Maine Naples Tonys Foodland umbrellas3 and more..I didn't come close to getting all of the umbrella's that are in the store
11.2011 Maine Naples Tonys Foodland rock painted pigs  Pigs..painted rocks at Tony's grocery store
11.2011 Maine Tonys Foodland shaved legs signfunny antique wooden sign at Tony's Foodland grocery store in Naples. The store has wonderful antiques throughout the store.
11.2011 Maine Raymond sunset2 Raymond, ME
11.2011 Maine Raymond sunset1Raymond, ME sunset
11.2011 Maine Raymond sunset3Raymond, ME sunset
11.2011 Maine Raymond sunset between birch treessunset thru the birch trees
11.2011 Windham Cricket gift shop cut pierce map lampshadeWindham, Maine...Crickets Gift shop. I took a picture of the cut and pierce lampshade that the shades panels had the Lakes near my brothers place. I make cut and pierce lampshades and thought this shade was clever.
I also bought some fabric to make an apron.
11.2011 Maine fabric cooking themed9
Friday, our last day. After we swept and cleaned up the house, loaded my SUV we started to head back home. We drove home on Rte. 1 the coastal route, but made many stops in the little towns along the way home.
11.2011 Kennebunk beach waves crashing4Kennebunk beach
11.2011 Kennebunk beach 1Kennebunk
11.2011 Kennebunk beach 2 Kennebunk
11.2011 Kennebunk beach 4 low tide at the beach, Kennebunk
11.2011 Kennebunk beach waves crashing2 Kennebunk big waves rolling in with spray
 11.2011 Maine Diner menu  
11.2011 Huge chocolate moose1huge 1700 pound  solid milk chocolate moose and chocolate bear at a chocolate store in Scarboro
11.2011 Maine scarbourgh bear and moose
 11.2011 Maine scarboro Lenny moose sign
11.2011 Maine Chocolate bear cubs in Scarboro1
11.2011 Maine Scarbourgh bear chocolate signchocolate bear cubs
11.2011 Maine Len Libby chocolatier
We drove by the B&M baked beans factory in Portland, and When Pigs Fly bread company on our ride home. When Pigs Fly is great bread.
11.2011 Maine Diner front KitteryLunch time at the Maine Diner in Kittery. The diner has been featured on TV on the Phantom Gourmet and Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive In's and Dives. 11.2011 Maine diner Guy Fieri sign Guy Fieri signed poster in the lobby
11.2011 Maine dinner clam plateI ordered a clam dinner..this photo is minus the cup of clam chowder. Clam cake, whole bellied clams, clam strips, corn muffin, coleslaw and I chose a baked potato. Yum!

11.2011 Maine Kittery  Yummies street sign5, this store was a candy lover's dream store
11.2011 Maine Kittery  Yummies window panel 1 window panel in the front of the store
11.2011 Maine Kittery  Yummies window panel 2 2nd window panel
11.2011 Maine Kittery  Yummies window panel 3 3rd window left corner has my favorite gum..Teaberry by Clark's
11.2011 Maine Kittery  Yummies window panel 4 4th window front panel   
11.2011 Maine Yummies brochure
 11.2011 Mainely Stamp store sign 1 Kitterymy last stop in Maine11.2011 Mainely Stamp front of store 2 Kittery I was thrilled to find a rubber stamp store.

11.2011 Maine trip..Lindt bunny car front2 in Exeter.NHfront with whiskers11.2011 Maine trip..Lindt bunny car 1 in Exeter.NHthe gold bunny Smart Car was parked in the lot at the Lindt chocolate store in Exeter, New Hampshire. We stopped in Exeter for a quick visit with my cousins aunt.
In Maine I cut some Balsa branches and red berries to make an arrangement for my front steps. I still need to add more to the basket. I did up the basket this morning before the dirt freezes.
11.2011 Maine red berries and balsa greens
We ended up coming home late last night. The weather was great, sunny and warm in the 60's. We didn't need jackets. I wore turtleneck shirts and a sweatshirt each day. Yesterday was cold and windy, but I still didn't need a jacket. We had busy days, but had a wonderful time. We have already talked about our next mini vacation, but no definite plans have been made yet and won't be until after winter is over.
Here it is November, and I guess I better start making some Christmas cards. Halloween was too quiet this year. We only had 15 trick or treater's the night before I left for Maine. Most years we get between 60-100.

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight. I wish the time would stay the same year round.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoyed taking the trip to Maine with your posting and photos. What a great time and great shots. Thanks for sharing. And, by the way, Teaberry was my favorite gum and I haven't seen it for years.

Barbara said...

OMGoodness, to one of my favorite places and with stops at all the best haunts along the way! That bead shop indeed looks like "bead heaven" and I love I just love the piggy rocks!
Can't wait to see what you do with your purchases. Thanks for the tour!