Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wine Bottle Gift Tags

wine bottle with tag

I made the wine bottle tags about a week ago, but am just now getting the photos uploaded.  I have a few people on my Christmas list that like wine, and so I decided I would make my own gift tags for the bottles of wine that we will be giving as gifts.

To make the wine bottle tag I chose striped card stock that I cut to  2  1/2  wide - 5  3/4  long.  With a  1 - 1/4  inch round punch I cut a circle to into the strip for the opening.  The opening is 1/4 inch down from the top of the cardstock.  A little under the circle opening I scored and creased a line.  Then I cut a piece of heavy, gold, glittered card stock. I rubber stamped my greeting onto a cut out 1- 1/4 inch circle and attached that to another punched out card stock circle that was 1- 1/2 inches.  I then added an embellishment from K & C Company that I bought in a package from Michael's. I am happy with how my gift tags came out. The wine tags were photographed on a piece of brown Kraft paper card stock so the tags would show up better. The heavy, gold glittered card stock doesn't photograph well, but it is very glittery and pretty.

wine tag ornament 2  wine tag Christmas rose1

If you have any wine lovers that you will be gifting with a bottle of wine, why not make your own tags. You could even personalize the tag with a punched out photo. Using a circle punch, select a photo and add that to the tag of the person you will be giving the bottle of wine to . 

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Joanne Huffman said...

A lovely way to personalze a thoughtful gift.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your wine tags, Elaine! I know those that receive your gift will love the tags! Diann