Friday, June 7, 2013

25-4 x 4 Fat Book Tropical Paradise swap pages


Tropical paradise 4 x 4 swap 25 pages AAWA 6.2013 25 pages

I joined a 4 x 4 fat book swap in the Yahoo group An Affair with Art with the theme..Tropical Paradise. After joining I really didn't  know what I wanted to do for my pages, so time was ticking and I had to come up with something because the pages are due by June 16th. 

Last weekend I finally decided to water color the 25 - 4 x 4 pages that I had cut from water color paper sometime ago. I love the beach and sunny Florida so I painted the ocean and palm trees and stamped Wish you were here. (and I wish I was). 25 pages is a lot to create of the same thing. :-) We also had to lightly decorate the backside of each page.

Tropical paradise 4 x 4 swap 25 front backs pages AAWA 6.2013 front and back of my 4x4 pages


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Joanne Huffman said...

It may have been a lot of work; but, what a treat to get an original painting! The back fits the front perfectly.