Thursday, June 20, 2013

Did some beading this afternoon

Bracelet June 20.2013 abalone3 longabalone shell bead bracelet
I dragged out some beads this afternoon. I was going to make something to go with my outfit for my nieces upcoming wedding, but got side tracked with other beads instead. Maybe I will make something tomorrow that will go with my outfit for the wedding.
Bracelet June 20.2013 abalone1
Bracelet June 20.2013 abalone2  I love this sterling silver clasp that I bought this past March at a bead store in Florida.
Then I beaded a bracelet and earring set..silver and black crystal
Bracelet June 20.2013 silver black w earrings long 2 Bracelet June 20.2013 silver black w earrings1

Sharing some pictures of Bella and Sammi
Bellz at the circus June 20.2013 at the circus this afternoon and having her first pony ride
Sammi June 2013 in Red Sox outfit Sammi in her first Boston Red Sox outfit

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Joanne Huffman said...

Bella and Sammi are adorable. The bracelet is elegant (love the clasp). The bracelet and earring set is lovely.