Monday, June 3, 2013

Japanese Stab Binding Booklets

Japanese stab binding books

The other day before I signed up for a book swap using Japanese stab bindings. I wanted to try my hand at making the books using a few of the different bindings. For the swap we can use the basic stab binding or any of the other bindings. My books are small with deckled edges on the heavy weight paper pages.

I used book board covered in a pale yellow paper that I covered with printed oriental papers that I've had for years. I cut and glued the decorative paper to just the front covers. The front covers are hinged.

Front and backs of my 3 Japanese Stab binding books

Japanese stab binding book front 3  Japanese stab binding book back 3#1

Japanese stab binding book front 2  Japanese stab binding book back 2#2

 Japanese stab binding book front 1   Japanese stab binding book back1   

front and backs and inside of book #3

Japanese stab binding book inside1 pictured..inside cover and deckled edged pages inside my book

The books were easy and fun to create.


P.S...the other day I posted some clematis photos. This is my first open bloom of my double white clematis. This flower is from the normal looking bud. So pretty, don't you think?

Double white clematis normal bloom open 2013

After a downpour this morning I went out an took this photo of my single white clematis (Henryi) that is just starting to open. So far it doesn't look like the photo that came on the plant. Wonder if the green will go away as it opens further.

clematis white Henri clematis white label Henri


Joanne Huffman said...

Very nice paper; it makes a great book cover. Your flowers are lovely - even if there's a tinge of green.

Barbara said...

Very pretty, and interesting, books! I want to try clematis, I see them everywhere, and they appear to be hardy.