Saturday, June 1, 2013

How can it be June 1st already?

Smash book 2 page spread April 2013 April 2 page spread
Catching up with Smash book pages. I can't say I am totally happy with the way the 2 page spread for April came out, but I am leaving them as they are.
Smash book pages April left page The camera caused a glare. The base paper was parchment paper that had several coats of different color wash sprays. I adhered the paper to the Smash book. After the paper was glued down I then used raspberry colored paint in the top left corner with a stencil. I stamped and speckled in gold paint, added glitter glue to the center of the flowers on the bottom corner. Added a butterfly, calendar page, and some journaling and washi tape on the bottom of the page.
Smash book 2 page spread April 2013 right page  started with adhering to different Tim Holtz tissue paper, gold paint with bubble wrap, washi tape, scraps of paper, rubber stamped, cut out words, and sprayed with a few colors of color wash.
I can't remember if I posted the last bracelet I created. I bought the closure when I was in Florida in March. I have found it hard to find closures for 2 hole beads in the bead stores. Wish I had bought a few more when I bought the one I used on this bracelet. Drats! Isn't that always the way?
black silver dicohric shell bracelet closeup1 black silver dicohric shell bracelet beads2 close upblack silver dicohric shell bracelet2   
black silver dicohric shell bracelet3silver bracelet with domed shell beads. I don't usually wear big beads, but I liked these and kept the finished bracelet for myself. I usually give most of my earrings and bracelets away.
This year is just flying by, and I have been a lazy blogger. Shame on me.  I am almost finished working on tropical paradise 4 x 4 pages for a swap, and I am practicing making Japanese stab binding books for another swap. Will share photos later.
Since my last post we celebrated our granddaughter, Bella's 3rd. birthday. Talk about time flying by, seems like she was just born. My D-I-L, Robin made individual little cakes baked in ice cream cones for everyone. The little cakes were a big hit with the kids and adults. Happy Birthday, Darling Bella.
3rd birthday Bella 2013 Bellz w cupcake3 3rd birthday Bella 2013 Bellz w cupcake1 3rd birthday Bella 2013 Bellz w cupcake2
3rd birthday Bella 2013 Katie and Sammi 2   Katie and Sammi. Katie just completed her first year of college. Katie is working 2 jobs and will start her 2nd year of college in the fall. We are proud of her.
3rd birthday Bella Katie and Sammi 1 oldest granddaughter Katie holding my youngest granddaughter Samantha.
Before Sammie arrived I gave Bella her daddy's old twin bed, and bought her new mattresses for it. Bella had received twin size Minnie Mouse sheets and comforter for Christmas.
Bella in her new bed 4.2013 trying out her big girl proud of her new bed.
Bella sleeping in her new bed1 sleeping in her new bed with safety rail so she won't fall onto the floor, but somehow she has managed to do that once already. When she shows off her bed to anyone, she always has to get under the covers. Too funny.
While digging around this morning I came across my old Polaroid i-zone camera. Did any of you ever have this cheap little camera? I bought this small camera in 1999. I wish Polaroid was still in business so I could get more film for my camera. The small photos would be wonderful to use on Smash book and journal pages. The box of film I found with the camera was no good. :-(
I did a Google search and people are asking outrageous amounts for the film, but don't know how it can be any good...mine wasn't after all these years. I also just learned of the Polaroid Pogo printer than hooks up to digital cameras and cell phones, but since Polaroid is out of business and makes 2 x 3 sticker photos. I did a Google search, but not sure I would consider getting one because if you can't find the photo paper for the little printer what good would the printer be. :-(
Polaroid camera i-zone Polaroid camera i-zone w film
Some photos of flowers blooming in my yard.
My clematis are blooming strange this year. The 3 purple double clematis photos below are blooms all from the same plant. If you have clematis, have yours bloomed like these?
Double purple clematis 2013 full flower Double purple clematis 2013 full flower2 Double purple clematis 2013 full flower3
More strangeness....
 Double white clematis stages of opening2 top half top of double white clematis..don't know why it is more green than white.
 Double white clematis stages of opening4 w fanned leaves fanned out leaves from double white clematis flower
Double white clematis stages of opening3 w fanned leavesweird how this bloom is can see it is almost like 2 different flowers from the same flower.
Double white clematis stages of opening1 strange how this double white clematis looks like 2 flowers. Multiple leaves at base, 2 inch stem with a flower head. More lime green than white, don't know if the flower will turn white when it completely opens.
I started Weight Watcher's in April. I have been losing weight slowly and my pants are getting really loose. Seems like I started WW's there has been a party every weekend. I try to be good. Weigh in is Monday night so I have to be good over the weekends. Wish weigh in was mid week. (LOL) Wish me luck on the scale. :-) I need to go shopping for my niece, Kelly's wedding the end of the month, but I've been holding off to see if I am down a size. That would make me very happy.
This week has been hectic. My 89 year old aunt flew home from Florida,  where she has been in a rehab since mid February after a fall that hairline fractured her left pelvis.  I have been running around doing errands for her.
Wednesday afternoon while was at the Plymouth Walmart, doing my parent's grocery shopping a woman backed her SUV into my vehicle as I was leaving. Immediately she got out and started apologizing for hitting me, telling me it was her fault, that she didn't see me and she was in a hurry to go pick up her son.  I have 2 witnesses who saw her hit my vehicle and she told them she hit me.  Almost right away she said she would like for me to get an estimate so she wouldn't have to report a insurance claim. When she heard the estimate when I called her, she said she would have to contact her insurance company, because she couldn't afford to pay that amount. The day after I reported the accident to my insurance company they called to tell me that her insurance company had already contacted them and that the lady who hit me told them I hit her so there is to be an investigation. Don't know how she is going to get around admitting to me and the witnesses who gave me their name and phone numbers.
So darn frustrating. I am bringing my car to the auto body shop on Tuesday to start the repair work.
Yesterday and today we had temps in the mid 90's with high humidity. Thankful to have air conditioning. Every year we have cold, damp weather and it is like someone flips a switch overnight  to hot and steamy.
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm sorry about your accident. You never know how people are going to act. I once hit a woman's bumper (it was my fault and I got a ticket) and she was very nice about it and then she tried to add a $150 detailing bill to the cost of the repair. Your grandchildren are all beautiful. It's funny about Bella getting under the covers to show off her bed. Your bracelet is lovely, I can see why you are keeping it. Maybe you can order more closers from the store. I like the rich background on your smash book.