Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gelli Plate..Trial and Errors on my first attempts

This afternoon I dragged out my Gelli Plate for the first time. I tried the technique from the video I shared from the Gelli Arts blog the other day.  Did I have success? Well, not so much. After seeing so many lovely papers online that others have created, I was disappointed with mine.

First thing that wasn't helpful was almost all of my old bottles of paint were either dried up or real clumpy. Not good! So, before I try again I need to get some new bottles of paints in some pretty colors.

Second, for some reason my rubber brayer kept lifting off the paint I was trying to spread, but I don't know if that was because my paint was past it's prime. I don't know if the hard, clear brayers work better with the Gelli Plates. Anyone know?

Third, I didn't have deli wrap so I tried parchment paper. Spreading the paint over the paper with my brayer lifted the paper right off of the plate. (big sigh)

I tried using a piece of paper first, but because the paints weren't right, my paper didn't come out like I envisioned it would with the few limited paint colors I had that were half way decent. As you can see in the photo below. Yuck!

gelli plate first attempt on paper

2nd attempt using packing tape

gelli plate packing tape technique step 1 

above..Am I thrilled with these packing tape pieces? Well, not really, but on another day I will add mica powders, and gold leafing to see if that improves my first attempts. Hopefully they will look better when finished.

I don't have time to play anymore right now with this project, because I have to go check on my parmesan chicken that is baking in the oven for our supper.




Barbara said...

Ahhh..trial and error reigns. The bonus? We learn. I bet the chicken was a BIG success!

Joanne Huffman said...

You can use computer paper, too. I hope you saved all your efforts because you can over-print on them later. I've been on a gelli plate binge lately (printing on paper, muslin, and packing tape) and I'm loving it.