Friday, June 7, 2013

My one strange double clematis bloom

clematis white double 2013 odd one side view2 side is like 2 different blooms on one stem. So strange because one bloom is normal from the same vine. Maybe this bloom is like this because my plant hasn't been in the ground for a year and this is a first bloom. I wonder if this plant will have this strange bloom again.
I knew they were predicting heavy rains for today and tomorrow, so yesterday afternoon I took a few more pictures of that one strange double white clematis bloom. I hope the rains don't knock all the flowers off of their stems.
clematis white double 2013 odd one front view view from front as the bloom opens more
clematis white double 2013 odd one front but back can be seen another front view

P.S...I noticed on blogger that this is my 600th post.


Joanne Huffman said...

Happy 600th blog! How nice to have such a full, beautiful bloom.

Barbara said...

Very pretty, Elaine, and I think the reason for it is in honor of your 600th post!