Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday musings

I haven't had time to play with my new Gelli Plate, but I just saw this wonderful video using packing tape from the Gelli arts blog and thought I would share. Maybe you have already seen it, but I thought the project they created was so colorful and beautiful.                                                                                                                  I need to find a source for unwaxed deli paper locally. The stores that  carried supplies for restaurants locally have all closed. 
A few more photos taken around my yard.
butterfly on rhodendron June 2013 I watched this large butterfly flitting on my flowers for a few days. After I took the picture I noticed that it is missing a big chunk of it's right wing. It didn't seem to affect his flying.
honeysuckle yellow red no scent3
honeysuckle yellow red no scent1 
a Honeysuckle plant that I bought years ago. Can't remember the name, but unfortunately it has no scent.
I mentioned in earlier posts that I caught 5 stray kitties and then finally caught the Mom cat. I had them all spayed and neutered. Since Mom cat was let out of the cellar when she was healed she has turned into a terror. Mom cat goes after all of her kittens who are now quite big. Unfortunately for the only female, Princess who is very timid, Mom cat chased her up a tree last evening. Mom cat sat under that tree so Princess was afraid to come down.  I have no idea when Princess finally came down out of the tree. Princess kept meowing to me, but I couldn't do anything to help her down, because she was too high up in a big pine tree.
princess stuck in tree June 8 2013.1 princess stuck in tree June 8 2013.2
Today it is sunny and hot. Tom and I worked in the yard and garden trying to get our vegetable plants into the ground, but we had to quit until it gets a little cooler later this afternoon. I don't think our garden will be as big this year, but will still have several varieties of tomatoes, long, burpless cucumbers, pickling cukes, summer squash, peppers and maybe a few Italian green beans.

The Cape is already warning swimmers about great white sharks and beach closing. There must be an abundance of seals in the area again.
Great White Sharks are already back in the waters of Cape Cod

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting my blog.


Joanne Huffman said...

I have seen the same gelli plate video and tried the packing tape technique. I love te results.

Barbara said...

Pretty yard photos, Elaine, and a sad but cute photo of kitty in tree. You did help them, now they have to work it out. Have a nice week!

Barbara said...

Just a thought, I think you can moderate your comments without the word verification. I sometimes can't comment at all when that is turned on.