Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long Day, Easy Supper..Beef Stir Fry

beef stir fry2

I was out of the house early this morning. I went to the doctor's to get a Shingles vaccine, but wires were crossed in the office and they had me down for blood work. Now, I have to go back to get the vaccine, because they hadn't ordered it. This new Compass Medical Center isn't run very effectively. Since I started going there last spring the office help has messed up 3 of my appointments.

Next stop..a long overdue visit to the hairdressers to get a hair cut. I had over 2 inches cut off. It feels wonderful to not have hair on my neck in this warm weather.

Then I went to the grocery store for my aunt. Auntie forgot to tell me a few things she really needed. So, off I went back out again.  I stopped to pick up a friend, and we went to Plymouth. By the time I got home I had no clue what to make for supper. This morning I bought some lean steak tips that were on sale and so I decided to make Beef Stir Fry served over Jasmine rice for supper. I am not a big vegetable lover, but I love  veggies in stir fry. I sliced onions, red bell peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and Napa cabbage. I took the strings and ends off of pea pods.  I sliced the beef into thin slices and cooked that first, then added the veggies except for the mushrooms and bean sprouts which I added after the other veggies had cooked a bit.

 beef stir fry  cooked except for the sauce

beef stir fry w saucefinally added a little stir fry sauce to the wok. Our meal was delicious and healthy. Next time I will make shrimp stir fry.


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