Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Today, is April Fool's Day, the first day of April. A day for playing  jokes on others. I had my joke last night with the snow storm. 
There is still snow on the ground this morning, but the rain we had during the night made for a slushy mess, but I am sure it won't be here for long as we are suppose to have more rain today.
I didn't sleep well last night, as the wind was really howling. I got up real early as I couldn't sleep and decided to make a quick layered card.
Since it was raining, I thought the new $1.00 wood mounted stamp that I bought at  Michael's would be appropriate to use on a card for the first day of April.  The umbrella cardstock with tiny raindrops on my card, I picked up last weekend at Michael's on a clearance rack. There were several racks of cardstock to choose from, and they were all priced at 14 cents each. Couldn't pass up that deal and I bought several papers.
april showers card

Michael's also had wood mounted circus themed stamps for $1.00. I love checking those dollar bins at Michael's, A C Moore and Target. Joann Fabric's had packages of cardstock for $1.99 in lots of different colors, but the package of blue-greens the weight wasn't very heavy, but it works great for layering.

On another note...the stray kitty that I have mentioned before is now coming in the house. She remains extremely cautious, but comes when called and goes right to the food dish, and will even lay down and take a quick snooze. She follows my kitty everywhere. We are making progress.

P.S...I took the 2 photo's below this afternoon. I was letting my kitty out the back door onto the deck and stray kitty came to greet Fluff Puff. You can still see some snow on the deck.
fluffpuff and stray kitty-41.11
Fluff Puff going out and stray kitty coming inside.
fluffpuff and stray kitty2-41.11
Stray Kitty peeking between the legs of the glider on my back deck.
stray kitty peeking thru lawn chair
Happy April Fool's Day!!!!! elaine signature3


Anonymous said...

Love your card

Tammy D said...

Very cute card. I hope the weather will warm up there and here. Any good pictures of kitty yet?

Alicia said...

OH I love your card Elaine! WOW on the kitty finally getting up the courage to come inside- he surely is taking it slow though, LOL He surely is a pretty cat though! Hopefully the sun will start coming out more and the winter will disappear altogether!! *Hugs*

Joanne Huffman said...

Your insomnia produced a very cute card. The two cats look great together.