Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yard Sales and glass for garden totems

First...I have to ask...did you watch the royal wedding yesterday?  What did you think? I thought it was just beautiful...of course the bride in her lovely gown. Kate's sister and mother looked lovely too. The church is amazingly beautiful and huge. The horse drawn carriages, colorful uniformed men on horses, and the pagentry of it all. I can't even imaging putting on a wedding that size, and never mind the cost. I did think some of the hats worn by some of the  guests were horrid, but other hats were very pretty.
I would love to revisit England again. I absolutely loved my trip to England.

I had a busy but fun Saturday morning. My friend, Betty Ann called me to come over to her house which borders the Nemasket River to watch the annual town canoe race, but before I left I snapped a couple pictures of stray kitty and Fluff Puff.
4.30.11 kitties1 4.30.11 kitties2 4.30.11 stray kitty in bagpeek a boo...I see you.
Here are some of this years canoe race photos.
4.30 canoe race3 There is a bridge near my friends house, and the canoes have to come out of the water and cross the road as the Nemasket river is so high they can't canoe under the bridge. The spot where the canoes reenter the water butts up to my friends property. So, we watch and cheer the racers on from her yard.
4.30 canoe race5 4.30 canoe race2 4.30 canoe race7 4.30 canoe race6 this was an elderly man who made his own lightweight canoe. He told us the canoe only weighs 17 pounds. There were between 30--40 canoes and kayaks in the race and they had a beautiful day to challenge the fast moving water in the river.

After the canoe race my friend and I went to New Bedford to pick up her grandchildren, and on the way home we hit some yard sales..first of the season.
When I got home this afternoon, I checked my tube of E6000 glue, and since it was still good I was all set to make some glass garden totems.  I already had  blue plates that I picked up in yard sales last summer so I had everything I needed to make some glass garden totems.
Below is a photo of the blue and white large ginger type jar that I found this morning and used to make into a garden totem. I took the top off and glued down my plate. Thanks so much Shelly for sharing this fun idea. The plate I used has a nice rim so it can hold water or bird seed. I wish I had more of this type of plate. The bottom piece was $4, but was marked down to $2.00, and the plate cost me 59 cents. Not bad...$2.59 for a nice piece for the garden.
glass totem3. april11
I then made two more  garden totems  from inexpensive vases that I found last year at thrift and yard sales. I also have some brown and carnival glass colored pieces to make into garden totems. Just need to find a couple more pieces to make what I have in mind.

glass totem2. april11 glass totem1. april11

Below: The first garden totem that I made last year using a 2 different sized blue glasses, 2 blue voitive candle holders glued bottom to bottom and a plate. The base is a candle holder. As you can see..I do like blue glass.

The totems are easy to make and now I am always looking for different shaped thick pieces of colored glass, plates and taller heavier vases and candle holders for the bases. I like the heavier glass, because I figure it will stand up better outdoors and not be so fragile.  Give totem making a try, as I think you will enjoy making them and they look pretty in the yard. Recyle and repurpose those old teacups, glasses, plates, vases.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Elaine


Anonymous said...

AWESOME pictures Elaine...I did see the wedding and it was amazing!!! They look so happy and truly in love!!!!!

Barbara said...

Wow, what a creative imagination! These are so pretty.

Joanne Huffman said...

Your totems look terrific and would spruce up any garden.