Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's been awhile

I haven't been online much the past few weeks. Have just quickly checked my emails. Since my last post the grass has turned green, more and more flowers and shrubs are blooming spring is here in New England. We have had a lot of strange weather and each day we don't know what we will get...warm and sunny, cold and very windy, heavy rainstorms with high winds, and today for Palm Sunday it is gorgeous, warm and sunny. It is so nice to have the windows open.

I have been busy taking my elderly parents to either eye doctors, regular doctor or lab appointments. I am just thankful that I am no longer working and can do this for them. I am also thankful that I still have my dad who is 92 and my mom who is 88.                                           
My mother has Alzheimer's and her condition is getting worse. Watching the downhill progression  is so very hard. Mom's confusion is  increasing and her short term memory is basically gone. My grandmother, ( my mother's mother) had Alzheimer's, and I so hope that that isn't going to be my fate in life. 

I have had no time for art, but want to share with you some lovely art pieces that I received from the yahoo group, Art Haven. I won the monthly lottery for March. I chose an anything goes theme. I received my last art piece the other day in the mail. I certainly received some beautiful artwork from some talented ladies in the mail.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to sit down and create something artsy.
arthavenMarch lottery Diann A lovely journal from Diann
arthavenMarch lottery celeste aarmoire drawsopen arthavenMarch lottery celeste armoire A fantabulous armoire made of cardstock with posies on the top. The 2 drawers filled were filled with buttons, beads, brads, and spools of ribbon created by Celeste.
arthavenMarch lottery celeste card awesome flip card from Celeste
arthavenMarch lottery dorothy Beautiful card from Shirley
 arthavenMarch lottery clara cover book lovely little book that the inside pages have pockets from Clara
arthavenMarch lottery clara insidebook open book
arthavenMarch lottery clara tag beautiful tag from Clara
arthavenMarch lottery fabric postcard Vic lovely sewn fabric postcard from Vic
3.11 March lottery angie  beautiful hanging ornament from Angie. You can't really see in this photo, but on the insides of each rolled paper piece there is  painted on metallic green. So pretty.

Bella 4.17.11 Bella, Robin and Steven stopped by this morning. Little Bella enjoyed some fresh pineapple that I had just finished preparing. Our little granddaughter has 8 teeth now, and will be a year old on May 24th. WOW!!! How time flies. Bella still doesn't have much hair, but most of the time she has a beautiful smile on her little face.
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