Sunday, April 17, 2011

Contest: Give our stray kitty a name..naming contest is still open

I have written before about the stray kitty we have been feeding for about a year. Actually, we seem to be feeding an opossum, the neighbors cat, and 3 stray kitties that come to eat on my back porch and another cat that shows up from time to time.

But, what we call OUR stray kitty is the only one that seems to have overcome her shyness towards us and the only kitty that tags along with our Fluff Puff Kitty. If you see one, the other one is nearby. The kitties all look about the same with the exception of a white ring on the tail, a black tipped tail, and lighter faces. I think our SK is the prettiest...just saying. :-)
Here is the latest Stray kitty update: More progress...well a lot more actually. SK comes when called, and meows at the kitchen door when she wants to come in.
Stray kitty is now coming into the house all the time, and last few nights she has spent the whole night in the house. She was really well behaved. SK sleeps on my leather recliner and cries at the doorwhen she wants out. Isn't she smart, for being a kitty born in the woods and never having been inside.
SK is still very timid, but lets my husband pick her up, and wipe her down when she comes in
wet from the rain. SK is still timid, but now that she is coming in she really doesn't want to go outside. Maybe because her playmate can't go out because of the quarantine.

4.13.11 stray kitty2
Anyway, my husband, Tom thinks SK isn't a good name, and so we have to come up with a name for our new kitty as I think she has found herself a home.

To win:
Leave a comment with a name for our Stray Kitty. If we chose the name you suggest..I will send you a prize.    In the past I have been told that some of you who have tried to leave a comment, but for some reason it just never shows up, and I don't get to accept your comment. I don't know why that happens, but if you can't leave a comment here and want to help name my stray me your comment with the name you selected for my SK and I will add it to the comments for you.  My email address is

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reeree62 said...

Since she's such a pretty gray, how about know, GRAY-cie!! LOL

Hugs, Marie <3

Sandy said...

What a cutie! I would name her Shasta!

Tammy D said...

I think SK should be called Vagabond which is French for wanderer.

Barbara said...

If you give her a new forever home, I'd name her "Lucky"!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Andrew says Snitches and I like Izzie

Alicia said...

I like the name Bella- which means Beautiful and that she surely is!!! *Hugs*

BR said...

MMMM.... I really am no good at naming a critter friend until I am around them, then the name seems to come to mind. So, I would call her "Miss Kitty" after Amanda Blake...

Diann said...

How about Misty? She has that misty gray look and is a pretty cat to live at your home! Diann

Dorothy said...

Such a cute cat. We have 3. All are named from Sci-fi characters.
So I say...Apollo.
Good luck all!!

Barbara said...

How about "Lassie"! LOL

Elaine Akers said...

Keep the names coming.
Re: the names Izzie and granddaughters name is Izabella. I call her Izzie at times, but most often Bella.:-)

Anonymous said...

Elaine , I would name her Wanda, she was a wander but you have won her over, good luck with her.

LaStamper said...

Hi Elaine, long time no see! Your SK seems to be rather picky about checking out your home before deciding she would consider joining the family. And for some reason is giving you more of a thorough investigation before deciding you are okay. Because she seems to be so regal, I think Princess is a fitting name.

Lois Bell

Nancy B said...

I have to give Marie credit - I love Gray-cie!

Anonymous said...

Me Gray-cie or Misty !!!!!
She is beautiful !!!!! Sorry to hear about FP, hope he is feeling better !!!!!!
Liane :-)

Elaine Akers said...

Since SK had the good luck to wander into your area, I think El Cee might be appropriate for Lucky Cat. Elcee is a pretty name also to match the lovely SK.

Just a whimsical thought!