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Erosion Bundle Reveal 4.29.2011

Erosion bundle hanging from treeIn January at the start of the project when my bundle was hung out

Erosion bundle ready to come down 4.2011 In April: My bundle was ready to come down

My Erosion bundle went up a little late in January, and so I left it up until this morning. As you can see from the first photo the ground was covered in snow. This morning the tree's are starting to leaf out, and it is a gorgeous, warm and sunny day. Here in southern New England we had a very hard winter; with lots of rain and snow and so I couldn't wait to see what changes occured in my bundle.
You can read my original post here....Preparing Erosion Bundle Project

I had never created an Erosion bundle before, and was unsure what to place inside of my bundle. I had some good choices and other's...not so much. Next January I will have a better idea of what to include in my bundle.
Some of my items bled...a good thing, and other that I hoped...didn't. Some rusted while others didn' fault. The cranberries burst open and made a beautiful red, natural dye on nearby items. Papers took on colors as did fabrics. Wood and leather also took on some color. The coffee grounds dyed some of the papers and fabrics. Ticket stub, playing card also took on some color. Crocheted fabric took on some dyes and rust stains. The silk flowers and ribbons stayed the same. Fabric that I thought would bleed didn't and that was the same with some handmade colorful papers. I should have tested them before putting them in my bundle. Anyway, it was a fun first Erosion bundle project for me.

January: my Bundle of gathered items assembled and waiting to go outside for the winter.
Erosion bundle contents 5

April...Bundle when taken out of the netted hanging bag...the stained muslin bag shape kind of reminds me of nearby Plymouth Rock. :-)
Erosion bundle taken down
my bundles contents when taken down:
Erosion bundle taken down contents1 Erosion bundle taken down contents2
Erosion bundle taken down contents3 rusted key and safety pin made rust on fabric
Erosion bundle taken down contents4
Now, to figure out the projects that will be made of my altered items. I alreadyt have some items for a few ot the items after a quick look thru the bundle. This should be fun.

Did any of you create and hang out an Erosion bundle this past January? Were you happy with your results? What kinds of items did you include in your bundle? One more question...if you have never created an Erosion bundle would you consider doing one next January?
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