Saturday, April 2, 2011

Think Spring

That's what I have been thinking and wishing for some time now, and today it is sunny and mild. We so needed a day like this to chase those winter blahs away.

Tom and I were both up early and we decided to go out for breakfast. After we ate, and since we were already out we then headed to the polls to vote in our town's election, and then we came home. Tom went downstair to potting and starting seeds for his garden. I started a load of laundry, how fun is that? Not very.
While the clothes were in the washer I sat at my desk debating what I wanted to create this morning.

I came across a seed package rubber stamp that I've had for ages by Posh Impressions, buried in the back of drawer in my Iris cart. I usually use the stamp for a shaker card, but I didn't feel like making a shaker card this morning. I grabbed a Marvy marker in grass green to ink up the big stamp. I stamped the image onto white cardstock, and then cut out the center of the image. Folded the paper to fit around the card, and cut the cardstock down to size. I taped a package of candy cane zinnia seeds to the inside of the card. I then inked up a stamp of  gardening Kliban cat with a rake to add to the front of the seed package.
zinna seed Kliban cat card
My second piece was a Easter tag. I glued tissue to the tag and then covered the tag with scrapbook paper.
 I found a lovely vintage picture that was offered on a blog, and so I color copied the image. Then stamped Happy Easter. I added Easter eggs stickers. Added ribbon and a very fine ecru tulle which hardly shows in the photo below. Last a button was added to finish off the tag.
 easter bunny tag2

I also printed off some more images onto fabric canvas, heat set the ink, and sprayed a fixative onto the surface so the printer ink won't run. Debating whether to start on fabric postcards or wait and do some tomorrow. Decisions, Decisions.
elaine signature3

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