Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Daffodils

Today it has been raining hard at times, it is gray, over cast and very windy outside. Temperature is in the 40's, but it sure feels like winter. This morning as I was looking out my slider door I noticed some of my larger daffodils in the rock garden had started to bloom. Such a beautiful display of color. I wish the sun had been out, because it would have been easier to get a good photo.
My aunt had ordered daffodil bulbs from Breck's Dutch Bulb company several years back and she gave me some of the bulbs she ordered. In the photo below is a  clump of daffodils that have a frilly, apricot colored trumpet, and others have a yellow with orange trumpet, and others just a yellow frilly trumpet. I love these gorgeous daffodils, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of the bulbs as the names. After these flowers are done blooming and the leaves have died back, I need to transplant some of the bulbs.
daffodils frilly1
daffodils frilly2 close up of the frilly center
daffodils frilly 3 weird...all different from the same package of bulbs with frilly yellow, apricot and apricot orange centers.
daffodils frilly 4 apricot centered with cream colored petals
daffodils yellow with orange
daffodils chartruese Breck's Chartreuse daffodils
The large yellow King Alfred daffodils are also blooming and the very old double centered bulbs that I dug up from my grandfather's house when I first got married 43 years ago.IMG_0011
April 2011, has been cold and rainy. The grass has really greened up and spring is slowly awakening the flowers and flowering trees. Leaves are starting to appear on many of the trees. But the bright pops of color from the spring flowers are a ray of sunshine.
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