Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had to take my Fluff Puff kitty to the vets yesterday, because the day before he started to limp. His left front paw was swollen and he was limping on 3 legs with his left leg off the floor. Fluff Puff wouldn't let me touch the paw, and if I did he would cry.
Fluffpuff lying on the couch
FP is so furry that the vet had to shave the lower left leg and foot. The vet found a slice type cut on the pad of his foot and it was infected and kitty had a slight temperature.  After cleaning the foot, getting a shot of antibiotics, and a rabies booster the vet told me, the state has become real strict, and since I don't know how he cut his foot and FP is and inside-outside cat that they have to report his injury. The vet told me it didn't look like a bite, but it had to be reported and he can't go outside for 45 days. So kitty is on quarantine.
This morning FP is feeling better and not limping and isn't lethargic like he had been, and he is crying at the door to go out. Thank goodness that he was current with his rabies vaccine or he would be condemned to stay indoors for 6 months.  I can imagine he will be driving us crazy with his crying to go outside. Poor kitty, this quarantine business will be punishment for him and us too. I've marked off the calendar and will be anxiously counting down the days till Fluff Puff is free.

I did ask the vet if his friend, stray kitty is allowed inside to visit during kitties enforced confinement inside the house, and the answer was yes.  Now that just doesn't make any sense to me, but neither did just a slice/cut on the paw that wasn't a bite ending up as a quarantine confinement.

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Tammy D said...

Poor Baby. I'm so sorry his is on such a short leash. I hope he continues to feel better.

ANGIE said...

Hi Elaine. I saw your post and just had to pop in. Awwww. We do suffer along with our little furry family members! I'm happy FP is on the mend and I'm saying a little prayer that you keep your sanity while he's quarantined (I KNOW what it's like).

Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


Regina said...

Aw poor kitty.

Barbara said...

He will appreciate you and the quarantine more later when he is feeling better. He just doesn't know how fortunate a kitty he is right now. I still think he should be named "Lucky"!