Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time for a change

clay matchbox large purse
This morning it was time to say goodbye to my yellow chick Peeps blog header. I decided to use a photo of a large and small match boxes that are covered in polymer clay. The clay was rubber stamped and stained. I made these pieces sometime back when I spent an artsy week with friends. We all took turns teaching a class, and Nina Owens, from Texas  taught us how to make these hanging purses with drawers that open. Nina does wonderful stuff with clay. I've shared with you before Nina's blog, but here it is again Nina's blog
2 different views of the large clay covered match box.
clay matchbook box drawer clay matchbox small box small clay covered match box with beads on the drawer to open. Buna cord to hang.

Tom and I still haven't decided on a name for our stray kitty, so the name the kitty contest is still open for name suggestions. Stray Kitty is now sleeping inside every night, and she is now letting me pat her. She is  a very vocal kitty compared to our Fluff Puff.  If you haven't entered a name...there is still time.

I also want to wish my husband of 43 years a very happy 66th birthday.  Tom doesn't really care for cake so I am making a homemade apple pie and an apple crisp for him. Happy Birthday, Tom!!!!!
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Barbara said...

Has anyone suggested "Gypsy'" for your little wanderer?
Love the projects highlighted in your new photo!

Sharon said...

Please tell Tom Happy Birthday for me! I named my vocal kitty Echo because she echoed everything I said. She's still vocal at almost 15 with no signs of letting up. Our Border Collie can't stand her meows and chases her away. I love your new header!