Friday, August 5, 2011

Blueberry Baking day..pies and cake

Yesterday wasn't as hot and humid as it has been thank goodness. So when I got to my dad's yesterday morning, I started right in making 2 blueberry pies with the berries that I picked the other day. My first blueberry desserts from this years berries.
Here are a few photos of my pies in the making.
blueberry pie with just bottom crustsugar, some flour to thicken the juice as the berries cook, and pieces of butter. Then brushed the edges of the pie with cream before adding my top crust. 
 blueberry pie ready to go in oven1 top crust on, sealed, crust brushed with cream, slits and heart shaped cut to release steam when baking.
blueberry pie uncooked  blueberry ready to go in the oven aluminum foil around the edges so the crust won't cook to fast. I remove it 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.  Ready to put in the oven.
blueberry pie1
blueberry pie cooked right out of the oven
blueberry pie cooked and cutdad cut the pie before it was even cool, and dished out some vanilla ice cream to put on top.
When I got  my pies in the oven, I started making my mom's  blueberry cake recipe.
blueberry cake ready to bake as you can see there are a lot of berries in this cake, and since the batter is heavier the berries don't sink to the bottom. I use a quart of berries in each cake, because we have lots of blueberry bushes. If you are buying your berries you can use less. If the berries are on the tart side, just add more sugar to the batter before cooking. The cake is ready to be baked and you can see in the photo some of the sugar that is sprinkled on top before baking.
I usually just leave the baked cake in the pan, but if you plan on removing the cake from the pan, I would suggest cutting out a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the pan, and butter the parchment paper. .

blueberry cake in pan Baked and out of the oven. All done!
blueberry cake piece a piece for me and a piece for dadblueberry cake piece2

Now, this has nothing to do with baking, but I just wanted to share. Late yesterday afternoon, on the way home from the nursing home, I had to stop my car and wait for turkeys to cross the road in front of me. There were 4 adult birds with 20 young. I grabbed my camera and took a couple quick shots thru the windshield, but couldn't get all of the birds in a photo, as they crossed from one side of the road a few at a time. The birds were running, and I was lucky to get a photo of some of them.
turkey and babies8.4.11 first few crossing in front of my car
turkey and more babies 8.4.11 last of the birds crossing the road.
Have a great day!!!
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Now my mouth is watering for blueberry anything! We picked up some blueberry donuts at the store today; nowhere near as good as yours look!

How cool was that to see the turkeys cross right in front of you! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Barbara said...

Same here, mouthwatering! Love the turkey photo too, but I'm now hungry for blueberries, not turkey. ;) said...

Your pies and breads look divine. Love blueberries!

PeggyR said...

Those look wonderful. We use to get turkeys in our old yard.