Saturday, August 6, 2011

Recycled Mermaid fabric spray painted T Shirt

mermaid fabric painted tshirt front2 finished t shirt

I was up early this morning and had a paint project on my mind, so after making breakfast for Tom, and packing his lunch, I knew I had several hours to play before picking up my dad around noon.

I grabbed a white t shirt that was fairly new, but had a few stains on the front. The shirt was too good to be tossed in the trash. Last week with a 5o% off coupon from Michael's I bought a package of Tulip fabric spray paints. The color choice wasn't the greatest for the project I had in mind, but since the T shirt is now going to be a shirt to wear to bed, I figured just go with what I had. I also brought up from the cellar a big container of Lumiere paint in a blue green color that has a gold hue.

fabric spray paint set

When I took the beach themed album/book on my birthday at  The Crop Shop , in Rockland, Massachusetts.  I also bought some other beach related items. One of the items was a stencil sheet that had a scallop shell, starfish, small and large mermaids, another shell and seaweed for $5.00.

mermaid and beach themed stencils

I ended up using the seaweed and the large mermaid stencil with the spray fabric paints. I can't say I am in love with the pump spray bottles, as sometime the paint comes out in big blobs and at other times a very fine mist. I love the fine mist effect. Oh well, this was my first attempt using the paints, and I have lots of old stained t shirts that I can practice on.

I sprayed the paints outside, and the wind picked up and lifted the parchment paper I had placed around the stencils, and so a few areas got paint where I didn't want it to be. But, all in all, I am pretty happy with my new night shirt. For the air bubbles, I just dipped the end of sponge brush into the Lumiere paint cap. The seaweed was showing thru the tail, so I went over the tail area with the Lumiere paint.

mermaid fabric painted tshirt closeupfirst I spray painted green the seaweed and then the large mermaid in blue, and a quick spray of blue paint.

mermaid fabric painted tshirt front1added another section of seaweed, and some green spray paint

mermaid fabric painted tshirt front3

then lightly sprayed green and blue over the front and sleeves of the shirt. I went back after the paint dried for a bit with more green and a heavier coat of blue. When the paint has dried according to directions, I will heat set the front of the shirt, and then wash the shirt inside out.


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Barbara said...

So resourceful and so pretty!

Alicia said...

Oh Elaine, What a delightful shirt to wear to bed! It will bring forth dreams of the SEA!! I have some of these paints and love playing with adhesive shelf liner and making my own stencils with the Cricut! *Hugs*