Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cape Cod Lighthouses and Windmills

Today I am sharing with you some of the photos I took while I was on Cape Cod last week of several of Cape Cod's lighthouses and Cape Cod windmill photos.  I hope you enjoy my photos.
Cape Cod lighhouse lewis Bay closeup Lewis Bay Harbor Lighthouse, Hyannis
Cape Cod Lewis Bay lighthouse3 Lewis Bay lighthouse

 Copy (2) of Cape Cod lighhouse Lewis Bay2Lewis Bay Lighthouse
chatham lighthouse with ccstationchatham lighthouse Chatham Light, Cape Cod
Cape Cod Nauset Lighthouse Nauset Lighthouse
Cape Cod 3 sisters first lighthouse Nausett 1st of the 3 sisters lighthouses..Nauset, Cape Cod, and the only one that still has its light.
Cape Cod 3 sister 2 lighthouse with no top  2nd of the 3 sister without a top
Cape Cod 3 sister 3 lighthouse with no top3rd of the 3 sister lights also now without it's light. The 3 sisters lighthouses were moved. Cape Cod 3 sisters sign with 1st part sign Nauset Cape Cod lighthouse 3 sisters sign WayCape COd 3 sisters lighthouse sign 
 Cape Cod lighthouse 3 sisters postcardcouldn't get the whole sign in when I took the photo. So to read double click on each sign.
Cape Cod 3 sisters sign with cc map Nauset
Nauset Lighthouse...Nauset, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Windmills of Cape Cod
Cape Cod Dennis windmill Dennis, Cape Cod
Cape Cod Lighthouse Orleans3Cape Cod Orleans lighthouse2 Orleans, Cape CodCape Cod stone in windmill2 upstairs in the windmill looking down at the mill stone
Cape Cod stone in windmill mill stone inside the top of the windmill
Cape Cod windmill upstairs with grain storage bins upstairs in the windmill grain hopper for corn waiting to be ground
Cape Cod windmill downstairs looking up at stone   Looking up at the grinding stone from downstairs in the windmill.
    Cape Cod Eastham windmill placqueCape Cod Eastham windmill3 windmill with cloth sailsCape Cod Eastham windmill Cape Cod Eastham windmill and horse trougth granite watering trough in front of windmill
Cape Cod Windmill Brewster
Cape Cod Brewster windmill Higgins farm
Brewster Grist Mill
Cape Cod Brewester grist mill2 Brewster Grist MillCape Cod Brester grist mill partial sign2 diagram of the workings of a grist mill
Cape Cod Brester grist mill partial sign3 Cape Cod Brester grist mill partial sign4  Cape Cod grist mill partial sign1 Cape Cod Brewster grist mill sign2
Cape Cod Brester grist mill water on side of GM on the left side of the grist mill
Cape Cod Brewester grist mill1Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Grist Mill
When I was a young girl, I would go with my brothers, mother, grandfather and aunts to the Brewster Herring Run each spring, and we would stop at the Grist Mill.
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