Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did you know you could cut clay with a Cricut?

I saw an article on facebook this morning that intrigued me as it was something I didn't know I could do with my Cricut.   CRAFT Magazine article..How-To: Cut Polymer Clay with an Electronic Cutter
Click here: how-to-cut-polymer-clay-with-the-cricut
I love polymer clay, and to be able to cut out shapes with the images available on Cricut cartridges to use on art projects. WOW, who knew!! I am going to have to try doing this as I have lots of clay and lots of ideas and hopefully more time for art.

We had good news...yesterday plans were finalized to bring my mother home from the nursing home. Mom will be going home to her own house on Tuesday. My dad is thrilled. Mom could only come home if she had a care giver 24/7. Not sure how my dad is going to like someone in the house with them round the clock, but dad wanted mom home and mom wanted to be home. All my brothers and I want is for my elderly parents (dad is 92 and mom is 88) to be happy together with what time they have left. The seperation was hard on both of them, as they have been married for 65 years and known each other for 70.

Alzheimer's is just a devastating illness. My grandmother, my mother's mom had Alzheimers, and I just pray that I don't get it. Scary to even think about it. I just hope that it works out for my mom returning home. We agreed to try, and dad knows if it doesn't work out that mom will have to go back to the nursing home.

Since mom is coming home, and I won't have to take my dad to the nursing home and make his meals everyday, I am going next Thursday to spend a few days with my cousin, Cheryl who lives on Cape Cod. I need some time away, and I feel so much better knowing that my mom will be well cared for. My brothers will check on my parents daily.

Well, gotta run...lots to do today and hopefully have time for a quick trip to the Crop Shop. I have a 40% off coupon on one item, and this is a no sales tax  weekend for Massachusetts. 
 Enjoy your weekend.


Barbara said...

Very good news, Elaine. You may recall I've mentioned going through similar issues with my parents (93 and 91 -- married 71 years), and it's never easy. To have something go right is worth celebrating. God bless.

Joanne Huffman said...

I hope it works out for your mom and dad with her at home. Enjoy your time on the Cape.

quiltmom said...

I hope that your parents can be together as long as possible. My mother in law now lives in a care facility and does not recognize her family most of the time.Mom has little windows in which she connects with this world. However we are comforted by the kindness of the people who care for her on a day to day basis. She is a very popular lady in the home in which she lives. My father in law passed away in 2007 but it was quite challenging for him the last year of his life before we found a good place for Mom. Alzheimer's can be such a difficult illness so my wish for you and yours is that your parents continue to manage in the familar environment of home. It is not an easy road you and your family are on but your loving support of one another will get you through the difficult times. Sending you warm thoughts and good wishes,