Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuffy the strange

I snapped a photo of our stray cat, Tuffy this morning. Since Tuffy has become our cat, I find that he lies down with his hind legs straight in back of his body. I have seen dogs and rabbits lie down like that, but never a cat. I have also noticed that Tuffy doesn't isn't a very good jumper.
 Does anyone else have a kitty that lies down like this? I have had many cats over the years, but none of them have ever done this.

   Tuffy lying with legs straight in back

Tuffy is a good boy and is getting friendly and less wary with each day.

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p.s....for some reason blogger isn't letting me respond to your comment Vickie on my blog, or letting me post to anyone elses blog either.So I am answering your question here. Tuffy doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort. He doesn't limp when walking or running. He just sleeps in that weird position.


Barbara said...

Just the opposite, Elaine. Our kitty lies down with her front legs stretched out like your Tuffy's back legs.

Anonymous said...

Any vocalization from Tuffy when he does this? Is it possible that he has some back pain and this relieves it? Maybe this is his defensive feral way of appearing 'bigger'? I had a cat that adopted me a long time ago and this was how he would lie down. Much older abandoned cat who had a missing eye and back problems.