Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As I was picking up small branches around the yard today. I stepped under the big spruce in the front yard, and I just happened to look up. Thankfully, I hadn't walked into the big paper wasp nest that was hidden in the branches right above my head. I'm also glad I didn't get stung as I snapped a couple of pictures. Some of the paper nest had been torn from the branch that it had been attached to on the bottom.

It was hard to get a good photo because I had to face the sun to get the shot of the nest. I find the layers of paper the bees make fascinating, and I love the texture. Isn't it amazing that little bees can make paper to build their nests?

 textures large paper wasp in spruce tree2

I am sure the white faced hornets will rebuild the nest and even make it bigger. I want to take down the nest after we have some cold nights with frost so I can keep it.

textures large paper wasp in spruce tree view from another angle. You can see at the bottom the part of the nest that was torn and is hanging down.

Also under the same spruce tree I found a second and much smaller paper wasp nest that had been torn off the branches with the high winds from the storm. 

textures small paper wasp nest on ground

Then when I was under the mountain ash tree I found this branch that had fallen with grayish/green moss growing on it. The funny thing with this moss is that it very soft when on the tree or when wet, but as it dries out it is very stiff, but wet it, and it gets soft again. I love this stuff.

textures moss

I love texture not only in art but in nature, do you?elaine signature3


Barbara said...

Very interesting finds, Elaine. When I first saw the nest, I thought it was a bundle of feathers!

Joanne Huffman said...

Wasps were the first paper makers and they still do a great job. You're right about it being a great texture.