Saturday, August 27, 2011

In the mood to Bead

Earrings 8.23.11 gold tone bronze multi stripe
I've been in a beading mood since I came back from my mini vacation on Cape Cod. Maybe because I have more time to myself now that my mom is home and has round the clock care.
I bought some lamp work ice cream cone shaped beads from the Bead Emporium..Earrings 8.23.11 Bead Emporium business card          
the glass beads look like coffee and vanilla ice cream cones. Since the beads are handmade it was hard to find two beads of each color that matched perfectly, and so I had to pick beads that the colors matched the closest. The ice cream cone beads are approximately 1 inch long. The earrings are pictured closeup, and so they look big.
Earrings 8.23.11 vanilla ice cream cones vanilla ice cream cones
Earrings 8.23.11 coffee ice cream conescoffee ice cream cones
  Earrings 8.23.11 blue green squares  I love blues, greens and turquoise and bought these beads to use as a gift, but I think I will be keeping these for myself. I find that I'm always buying beads in those colors.  These beads were approximately the size of a nickel.
Earrings 8.23.11 dangle pinkish bronze  dangles...pinkish green/tan

I still have the bead boxes out, and so with the predicted Hurricane coming tomorrow if we don't lose power I will spend the rainy/windy day beading. They are predicting a Category 1 hurricane with winds from 70 -80 miles per hour. I keep hoping the storm will change it's path and go out to sea. Those on the water will have to deal with 2 tides and strong surges with flooding. I pray that everyone in Irene's path stays safe.
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Alicia said...

Elaine What beautiful earrings!! The ice cream cones are just darling!!! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

What beautiful earrings Elaine!!! I LOVE them!!!

Vic said...

Great earrings! Stay safe!

Barbara said...

These are beautiful, Elaine! I always love your cute beaded projects. Watching the outer bands of Irene's rain outside my window, the worst will hit tomorrow. Stay safe!

Joanne Huffman said...

Lovely earrings; the ice cream cones are adorable. Hope you stay safe and dry.

PeggyR said...

You do beautiful work! I have a good size box of things I've beaded. Would like to sell them or give them as gifts, or even swap them!