Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 Brave little kitties and Kitty inchie

Stray Kitties 10.2011 and our stray in and out The above photo..our adopted stray, Tuffy  is inside the house and the little stray who looks a lot like ours is sitting outside on the deck on the other side of the screen door. The photo was taken from inside the kitchen thru the screen door.
The two little strays that  have been coming to eat on our back deck for the past month are getting a little braver. They check the food dish  several times throughout the day. In the evenings the two kitties that were born in the wild will come and sit close to the sliding door and look inside. With 2 cats already what's 2 more?
  Stray Kitties 10.2011 on porch1 Taken from inside the kitchen thru the screen door.The grey tiger is on the bottom shelf of my potting table on the deck.
Here is a shrink plastic inchie. The kitty and the frame were both stamped on shrink plastic. The image reminds me of Tuffy.

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Kelly_Deal said...

Ahhh what sweet kitties!

Kathy said...

One of them looks like the cat we adopted with our neighbors - they're adorable! Love the shrink plastic inchie!

Joanne Huffman said...

A very sweet (and cute) inchie. Sounds like the outside kitties are getting closer and closer.

Barbara said...

Catching up here big time after over a week away. You have been very busy, Elaine, and I love the kitty image on the shrinky inchie. Have a good weekend, love all of your posts!