Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yoyo shaped tomato/tomatoes

I was in the garden picking the last of our tomatoes this afternoon, and came across this yoyo shaped unripened tomato. An oddity of nature, two tomatoes grew together on one stem. Strange, don't you think? 
Yoyo tomatoes1 YOYO tomatoes 2

And, here we go again.....
I took a few photos of 2 young kitties that were born this past spring in the wild, in the woods across the street. I grabbed my camera and snapped the photos below while I was standing on my deck using my zoom lens. These little guys have the same mother that our adopted stray, Tuffy has. We can't catch the mother, but I'm hoping I can catch these 2. One looks just like our Tuffy, and he/she isn't as skittish as the grey tiger.
These 2 kitties are always together, and I worry something will get them. Our kitties sit in the house
and stare at them when they come on the back deck to eat. The kitties are around all the time.
1 new kitties 10.2011 both kitties under camper it is very hard to see the grey tiger kitty in this photo. The kitty that looks like Tuffy is sleeping (left). The little tiger kitty is on the right and if you look close you can see his eyes and ears. Double click on the photo for a little better view. These 2 sleep snuggled together under the front of the camper during the day and nap in the sun.
1 new kitties 10.2011 white face under camper2 This little one looks just like our Tuffy who we rescued earlier in the spring.
1 new kitties 10.2011 grey tiger under camper2 grey tiger peering out from under the camper
I went out on the deck a bit later, and was able to get better pictures.
1 new kitties 10.2011 both kitties under camper snuggling3  sleepy heads1 new kitties 10.2011 both kitties under camper snuggling1 snuggle time1 new kitties 10.2011 both kitties under camper snuggling2
I feed these 2 and a few others that come to the back deck for food. I would gladly take them if they decide they aren't afraid of us and want to come inside. Tom and I are such softies.
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Barbara said...

Amazing tomato(es?)! And I bet it won't be long before the kitty population in your household swells. They are adorable and very hard to resist!