Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Truro and Provincetown

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to the Cape for a long weekend getaway. Saturday we took another ride and we headed to Eastham to see if the Eastham turnips were ready, but found out they won't be ready for market until after the first good frost. I want to get some of the sweet Cape turnips for Thanksgiving. The Cape hasn't had any hard frosty nights yet so far this fall..very unusual.  No turnips, but we decided instead of heading back that we would keep going and head to Truro and Provincetown. I stopped to take a few photos of the beach in Truro, because the clouds looked so pretty in a straight line over the water.

11.2011 line of clouds in Truro Beach taken from Truro beach road

11.2011 Skaket beach Dennis`taken from Truro Beach road

So, then it was on to Provincetown...we didn't get to Provincetown until late afternoon. My cousins Debbie, Cheryl and I parked the car near the harbor and walked along Commercial Street.

11.2011 boats in Provincetown harbor boats in Provincetown harbor

We stopped at the Mayflower restaurant for a lobster roll, french fries and cole slaw for supper. Yum!!!  The meal was delicious.

11.2011 lobster buoys provincetown docks lobster buoys at the harbor boardwalk

11.2011 Provincetown docks humpback whale and beach  fake humpback whale on Provincetown Wharf

 11.2011 twisted sisters ice cream cone Provincetown twisted sister ice cream shop on Commercial Street

11.2011 witches feet commercial st provincetown witches feet hanging out of  an upstairs balcony on Commercial Street

After walking around a bit we headed back to the car, and were starting back home, but first we continued thru town into the west end. So many yards were still awash in color as there flower gardens were still in bloom and going strong.

Did any of you watch the TV show Tabitha Salon Takeover? Well, one of her shows Tabitha took over the hair salon in Provincetown, and here is a picture of the shop.

11.2011 west end spa as seen on Tabathias Salon makeover

11.2011 lighthouse sunset provincetown reflection and birds sea gulls in the foreground of this lighthouse at dusk photo

11.2011 sunset lighthouse provincetown not so darkreflection of the lighthouse on the water

11.2011 sun setting lighthouse west end provincetownthe sun was starting to set...west end of Provincetown ..lighthouse

11.2011 sun setting lighthouse fisherman west end provincetown   sun was going down fast..lighthouse in the distance and a fisherman trying his luck

11.2011 sun setting lighthouse west end provincetown3 overlooking the marsh as the sun was slowly going down. The clouds reflections were on the water and the lighthouse in the far distance

11.2011 sun setting reflection on water west end provincetown sunset in Provincetown's west end. clouds reflecting on the water

11.2011 sun setting west end provincetown 1 west end Provincetown..such a pretty spot with dune grass, boat, marsh

11.2011 sun setting west end provincetown 2 11.2011 sun setting west end provincetown 3 another sunset photo in the same spot

11.2011 sun setting west end provincetown 4   dunes and marsh grass

More photos coming from my Cape Cod getaway weekend tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed your visit and my photos. If you did..leave a comment. Thanks!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I love these photos. Now I'm homesick for New England (grew up in Connecticut, taught in Rhode Island, lived in the Berkshires for two years - all before I moved to the midwest almost 30 years ago.