Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend away

This week has been a wild one..we got almost 3 inches of rain, and days of strong winds. There are leaves and pine needles everywhere on the ground and cars. Between the tropical storm/hurricane and all the rain and wind storms I don't think we will have much color on the trees this fall. Many trees have already lost their leaves or the leaves are brown.
Today the sun is shining and it isn't quite so windy. A beautiful fall feeling day.

 I thought we would be going to Maine for several days, but due to my parents upcoming doctor appointments I couldn't get away for the week. So, I am in a little bit to head for the Cape. I'm leaving my hubby home to take care of the kitties. I am going off with my cousin. Don't know if I will get any crafting done, but I want to hit the thrift shops, stop at the craft and quilt stores and who know's what else. I will have my camera with who know's what I will see to photograph.

 Yesterday morning I went to my parents. In my hurry to leave the house, I went off without my camera. Sure enough, I was almost home yesterday afternoon, and there was a large deer standing on the edge of the road. I stopped the car, and the deer stood there for a time looking at me. So beautiful to shoot with a camera, but unfortunately my camera was on the kitchen table. I didn't think to use the camera on my cellphone. :-(
I also noticed yesterday morning that the Junco's (snow birds) the first of the season were flitting around in the shrubs in the backyard. I did buy suet and birdseed to fill my feeders to keep my feathered friends happy while I was out yesterday.  Now, to figure out how to keep the squirrels from knocking the feeders to the ground and eating it all. I don't mind them eating some, but they want it all.
I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy!!