Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween on Cape Cod

11.2011 3 witches Brewster cottages 6 A 2 taken at Brewster Cottages, Brewster on 6 A
(updated 10/27) the next 2 photos my cousin sent to me, as yard with the witches in the beach chairs had more Halloween decorations added.
Brewster cottages ghosts
many of the gravestones in the photo below look like the grave markers in the old cemetery's in our area.
Brewster cottages gravestones
I'm so glad I decided to take a long weekend getaway on Cape Cod. I headed to the Cape on Friday morning to stay with my cousin in West Yarmouth. The weather couldn't have been more perfect the whole weekend. There was no wind, and it was sunny with temps in the 60's. We did no crafting this time, as we both needed a break just to relax. Cheryl is her mother's caregiver 24/7, but her mom had recently been in the hospital and then sent to rehab to gain her strength back. Cheryl and I had plans to go to Maine, but that didn't work out for us, but maybe next week we will get to Maine.
Mostly Cheryl and I poked around in thrift shops, as I was looking for vintage ribbons and lace or whatever caught my eye. We also hit lots of little gift shops, ate out and meandered thru the Cape towns looking for yards decorated for Halloween. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts.
I have lots of photos to share. I hope you will like them.
The following photos were taken in a yard in Wellfleet. What an awesome display and I can imagine the  many, many hours of hard work getting it all set up. Click on the photos to enlarge.
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 10 front of house
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 6 hooded white face with book to sign under the domeunder the glass dome was a guest book to sign. Visitors from all over the world had stopped and signed the book
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 17 front yard 11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard1 11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 2butler  count
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 2mobstermafia man
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 3 old couple couple11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 4 RIP man lying down
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 5 pirates with goodies  pirate couple with loot11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 7 fortune teller woman fortune teller11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 7 witch and wizard witch and wizard11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 8 bartender and 2 patrons bar11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 9 headless horseman1  awesome headless horseman on a life size horse...this was the best!!!!  Unfortunately it was late afternoon when we stopped and the sun made picture taking difficult in the shaded yard.
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 16 headless horseman 2
11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 11 man in coffin 11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 12 half woman on ground 11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 13 half man on ground 11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 14 greeter and pirates pirates in the background11.2011 Wellfleet Halloween yard 15 Frankenstein and bride Frankenstein and bride
The couldn't resist taking the photos below in Harwich..Wizard of  Oz
11.2011 Harwich wizard of oz and witch2   witch hanging
11.2011 Harwich wizard of oz 1 11.2011 Harwich wizard of oz 2 This display was really cute
Another display..Snow White and the seven dwarfs in Dennis 11.2011 Snow white and 7 dwarf pumpkins group2 decorated pumpkins
11.2011 Snow white and 7 dwarf pumpkins group
Did you like these displays? I thought they were all well done. I didn't find as many decorated yards as in the past, but I liked what I found.
I have a lot more photos to share...nature, at the beach, Provincetown at sunset...come back tomorrow and see what I've added.
Today, October 24th  is my  my granddaughter, Katie's birthday. Happy 18th birthday, Katie!!!! Love you bunches.Katie and Matt 9.2011 this picture of Katie was taken in September with her boyfriend Matt.
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Barbara said...

Elaine, I've stayed in a couple cottages in Wellfleet on 6A, and one of them looks like the one in your second photo. Hmmmmm....could it be? On the left side of the road heading north...

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds like a great get-away week-end. I love the photos. Hope you get to go to Maine soon.