Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Katie's 18th birthday

10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday cake3

10.25.11 Katie cutting her 18th birthday cake

October 24th was my oldest granddaughter Katie's birthday, but we had a family party and celebrated last evening. We had Chinese take out and birthday cake at my son's house.

  10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday cake4

10.25.11 Katie laughing frosting on nose 18th birthday cake10.25.11 Katie looking serious 18th birthday2

10.25.11 Katie cutting her 18th birthday cake2so serious cutting her cake

10.25.11 Katie frosting on her nose 18th birthdayfrosting on her nose..thanks to Jenea

10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday Lily and Paul Lily and Paul10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday with Bella Katie and Bella10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday with Lily and Bella Lily, Katie, Bella10.25.11 Katie  Paul and Bella Katie, Paul and Bella

10.25.11 Katie and Jenea hugging 18th birthday Jenea my step  granddaughter and Katie

10.25.11 Katie and upside down Bella     Katie and Bella

10.25.11 Katie  18th birthday BellaBella before eating chocolate birthday cake. Bella loves birthday cake and frosting as you can see in the photos below she really digs into her cake.

Bella 10.25.11 Katies birthday. choc face3  Bella 10.25.11 Katies birthday1 Bella 10.25.11 Katies birthday. choc face1 Bella 10.25.11 Katies birthday. choc face2


Susan said...

What great photos! Doesn't every kid love birthday cake?

Barbara said...

Lovely photos, happy birthday Katie! :)