Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday weekend doings

Since our cranberry harvest is still going on and my husband is working long hours; I decided to take off to the Cape for a mini vacation. I left meals in the refrigerator for Tom and  packed my bags. The weather turned out  to be absolutely gorgeous for this time in October, with warm temps and lots of sunshine to make for a awesome long Columbus Day weekend.
After crossing the Bourne Bridge I traveled down Rte. 6 A.  I stopped at Tumbleweeds quilt/fabric shop in Barnstable. I bought some fabric, and then drove to my cousins in Yarmouth.
We had to check out the  new Michael's store that opened in Hyannis at the mall. I had some 50% coupons for the store and they were burning a hole in my pocket. :-)
Then, I had to go check out what was new at Colorful Creations scrapbook/stamp store on Main Street  since I was last there. I bought several  Tim Holtz inkpads in colors that I hadn't found in Michaels.  I was a very happy camper. I also bought a Zentangle book that I saw as I was cashing out.  I need all the help I can get with doing those Zentangle's. I have tried and my tangles never look good to me. More practice needed I guess. I'm hoping the book will help me get the hang of doing those. They are suppose to be so stress relieving, but so far that hasn't happened for me.  :-)
Next stop was to  A C Moore.  I bought some stickers and 12 x 12 scrapbook papers.
Yesterday, was Columbus Day, and so my cousins and I took off  for a ride  down 6-A to the lower Cape. We stopped at some of the beaches. It was fun to see children  sitting on the warm sand  building sand castles, some were flying kites and the adults were soaking up the sun's warm rays reading or trying to get a tan.
We then meandered further down route 6 A to Brewster. In Brewster we stopped at the Old Brewster General Store. What a fun place that is to shop for products from the past or see lots of antiques displayed throughout the store.  I could have kicked myself, because I forgot my camera at my cousins house. Then I remembered the camera on my cell phone. Below are two photo's that I took in the country store. I fell in love with an antique wood thread display with drawers that originally held spools of threads and notions. I would love to own it. There are so many drawers that pull out for storage and I love the clock that is attached to the top of the cabinet. The store had embroidery floss in the drawers and also thread on the spool holders. The photo below is only the left half the cabinet. The first photo is the top and the second photo has the drawers.
Thread cabinet 2 Thread cabinet 1                                                        Also in the general store I found packs of Clark's Teaberry gum. I loved that gum as a child, and now it is so very hard to find. I bought some to bring home for my son's, because they both love that gum too. They will be surprised. Have you ever chewed teaberry gum? I love it and it brings back many memories from my childhood when I would go to the bogs and pick the red teaberries and eat them right teaberry vines that grew in the woods.
After the stop at the General store we continued down 6-A. We continued on to Wellfleet thru the town and down to the harbor. On our way back we stopped and had seafood for dinner at Cooke's.
I also hit a few yard sales and thrift stores during the long weekend. I bought some corning ware small casserole dishes. I found some neat pages from old books including Alice in Wonderland. Old small doilies and old wood thread spools from Coats and Clarks. Some of the spools still had the thread on them. Haven't figured out how I will use the spools in my art yet, but I will.
This morning we went to the Pancake Man in Yarmouth for breakfast, then went to the VNA thrift store. I found another small handmade doilie for $1.00, and a Tim Holtz DVD..The Journey Continues Inks, Powders & more for $1.00.  That made me smile. :-)

I decided to drive back home this afternoon instead of leaving tomorrow morning, as I have a 9 a.m. physical therapy appointment for my wrist.
On my drive back home I saw turkeys feeding in a few areas on the edge of the road.
Since we've had a few frost nights the trees leaves are starting to turn color and many leaves are already dropping. Pretty to look at, but then a long blah winter ahead. :-(
When I pulled into the yard  my kitty came running over to greet me. He wanted to be patted and have his ears and chin scratched. I guess he missed me. I missed him and his funny antics. Now to unpack. Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend too.
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