Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Thrift store finds from 10.11.10

I took a photo this afternoon of my recent thrift store bargains that I mentioned yesterday. I found the following items at two different thrift stores while I was on the Cape over the holiday weekend.
A Tim Holtz DVD for a $1.00 at the VNA thrift store in Yarmouth. I was so excited when I found this. As I continued to poke around the shop the DVD was tucked securely in my arms.  Yahoo!!!!
I saw a couple of rubber stamps in the shop, but I already had them or they were something I wouldn't use.
tim holtz dvd
The following items below I found in a church thrift store.cape thrift sale finds2
2 vintage doilies for $1.00 each. Oops, I see that one of the doilies scallop is tucked under in the photo.
5 small, old ,wooden spools of thread  from Coats and Clark with thread on them, and 1 small flat wooden spool of thread...I bought them all for 50 cents. I like the spools with the company name printed directly on the wood the best.
The pages that were torn from old books were $1.00.  Alice in Wonderland chapter pages and old poems/stories with lovely pictures. The pictures on the pages are beautiful.
I just love digging and poking around thrift stores, because you just never know what you will find. Ah, the thrill of the hunt. :-) Do you like yard and thrift stores? I must admit, I'm addicted. :-)

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Angie Hall Haviland said...

SCORE!! Great finds :O) Esp. the Tim DVD!! Love your rooster light switch cover too!!

Susan said...

Great finds!