Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twisted Sister Halloween Package arrived

As I mentioned in an earlier post I worked on handmade gifts for a Twisted Sister Halloween swap, hosted by Autumn, on An Affair With Art Yahoo Group that I belong to. My package was received and well liked by Kathy W.  in Tennessee. The package I received was very well liked too.

My package came 2 days ago, but I am just now getting photos uploaded to share.  In the big box I found body parts. Yes, body parts. Don't worry,  they weren't the  real things. Whew!  There were glittery skulls, ribs, and bones.. leg/feet and arm/hand nested in gold mylar shred and tissue paper. Also in the tissue was a plastic skeleton and a skull.  Several spider and bat rings too. Lots of loose candy bars were also nestled in the tissue. Yummo!!! You know I just had to taste test them right away. :-)  Also nicely wrapped, I found a hanging witch hat filled with more candy. How fun!

halloween witch hat w candy

Then I found a lovely handmade Halloween card in a hand stamped Halloween envelope. halloween envelope.card from dawn

The gift that I unwrapped is just awesome. I love it, both the front and back.  Then a wonderful canvas frame that was decorated on the front and back. The front ended up the back and the back was the side that was decorated. I just it.  Painted frame, rusted key, dyed cheesecloth, hanging silver disc that has the word creepy. Spider cardstock background, a watch face, great skeleton and man with skull in his hand, and a bottle of poison. Skeletons in the closet. Isn't this decorative piece wonderful?

 halloween skeleton frame.dawnv back used as a shadow box

halloween skeleton frame backside.dawnv front of canvas used as the back and nicely decorated.

Dawn, thank you so much for the wonderful mail day. Your package put a big smile on my face.  This was such a fun swap.elaine signature3

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