Sunday, October 17, 2010

A lovely autumn day

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day here in Southeastern Massachusetts after a night that the temperature really dropped.  Got up early and went out to breakfast with Tom. When we got back home, Tom went to work as we are still harvesting our cranberries. I went out to the garden and picked more tomatoes.                                                                                             
Took a quick walk around the yard, and ran into the house to grab my camera to snap a few photos of some flowers that are trying their best to go out with a bang.  Beauty surrounds us.
The hydrangea's lost their blue color a long time ago, but for the most part instead of turning drab light brown they have picked up color again. The leaves are still green.
 hydrangea late color pretty shade of violet
hydrangea late near cellar some dried flowers along with this beautiful shade of red.
hydrangea lace  late lace hydrangea
My clematis has one last bloom that opened this morning before going dormant for the winter. Gorgeous color.
 clematis 10.17.10
Then under one of the apple trees I found this group of mushrooms. These are different than the one's I normally find.
Under the cherry tree, on the property line, I found a few broken small branches that must have come down in the last windy rainstorm. The branches had lichens on them and, so I took a photo of them. Funny thing, if you bring these lichens indoors they become hard and brittle, but throw them back outside and the dampness turns them soft and downy again. lichens
After walking in the yard, I went to see my little Bella. Bella is growing so fast and on the 24th she will be 5 months old. Not much hair yet, but that's okay. Here is a photo I took of her with a little stuffed pumpkin that I brought her.
bella with pumpkin10.17.10
Hope you had a wonderful day.elaine signature3

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