Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mod Podge light switch plate

I have a sister in law who loves roosters. Well, too tell the truth, so do I. :-)
I often will pick up rooster items  when I see them. Since I had a package of beverage sized rooster napkins and a extra light switch plate, I thought I would cover the switch plate with a rooster napkin and mod podge. I wish the rooster image would have been a tad larger, but the one I had worked out okay. One of the screw holes is where the eye is suppose to be. I still need to give the piece another coat of mod podge.
 rooster light switch plate
I have looked in Michael's and A C Moore for fabric mod podge, but didn't find any in either store. The next time I go in Wal Mart, I will look to see if they carry it.
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Mod Podge Amy said...

Roosters never go out of style! Fabric Mod Podge is only at a few places, unfortunately. JoAnns carries it and AC Moore, but your AC Moore might have been out! I love your project!

Anonymous said...

This turned out great, very clever idea!

Susan said...

What a pretty switchplate. Maybe you could add tiny matching bits of napkin over the screws. Have you checked Hobby Lobby? In our neck of the woods, they have the best selection of the different Mod Podges.

Elaine Akers said...

We don't have Hobby Lobby stores in Massachusetts unfortunately. I never thought to check at Joann fabrics.
Thanks for the suggestions and nice comments.

Diann said...

I have a store bought one almost identical in my own kitchen....I love the fact that you created this one from napkins and Mod Podge!