Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love Mod Podge

Do you use Mod Podge? Gosh, the way I go thru bottles of the stuff I should own stock in Plaid, the company that makes it. I prefer to use the matte but do use glossy and sepia at times. I use it on canvas, paper collages and  wood pieces to attach my papers. I also use it as a protective coat to finish my pieces.
Last night I started working on a few more clipboards and this morning I did a couple more of the 6 x 9 clipboards to give as gifts.
Again, I used napkins, tissue paper, rubber stamps and pieces of scrapbook paper. If anyone wants to trade some large decorative napkins or the guest sized napkins. Let me know.

clipboard lighthouse clipboard mermaid clipboard coffee clipboard sunflowers clipboard butterflies

Photo of my oldest son with his 2 girls. My granddaughters (L) Lily and (R) Katie.
Tommy is holding Bella


Anonymous said...

The clipboards are great, Elaine! I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to -- would just have to reply "all of them." Your blog is aptly named, you are, indeed, very 'creative'.
An adorable family pic too!

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I love your clipboards especially the mermaid one.

JustYolie said...

OK These are AWESOME! I think my fave is the mermaid one! :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

Love this - LOVE the mermaid!

Alicia said...

Wow, Those clip boards are awesome Elaine!!! *Hugs*