Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Never Ending Journal

I recently signed up on AAWA, a yahoo group run by Jeri Aaron, for a Secret sender Twisted Sister Halloween swap.  A database was set up for everyone who wanted to sign up for the swap  to create a Halloween bio, of our likes and dislikes.  We were to make one spooktacular creation going by our partner's bio. My partner left it up to me to create whatever I wished. We had to make a one of a kind creation for our partner that will knock her witchy boots off! 
This creation was to be a time consuming  project of our choice. We also have to wrap our creation beautifully, and include a handmade Halloween card, and selection of treats for our partner, all gathered wonderfully into a fantastic package for her and get it in the mail on October 10th.  

I've already made a few other Halloween items  for my package, but I wanted to make a handmade journal for my Twisted Sister in the swap. I left the journal bare bones so my Twisted Sister can decorate the book to her liking and whatever theme she desires. I finally finished my journal yesterday.

I cut my book board so the book would be 6 x 9 with a 1 1/2 inch spine.  I chose some large coordinating handmade papers for the cover and inside of the book. I used  8 1/2 x 11  cardstock folded in half for the signatures. I made the book slightly larger than the pages so I wouldn't have to cut the pages down to fit inside the covers. Much easier that way and I like a bigger space to work on in my journals. I used decorative cardstock for the front page of each set of signatures and plain cardstock for the pages. Each signature is 9 pages. 

The wonderful thing about this book is that the signatures slip in and out. So, as the pages fill the signatures can be removed, tied off and new pages slipped inside the book. That is how I came about giving the journal it's name the first time I made it.  Envelopes can be added to the signature pages, the back cover can have a pocket added. Anything goes.

I haven't made one of these books since I taught friends how to make these book in Rhode Island several years back. I've used these books for recipes, photos, journals, art techniques, nature, whatever.
 I enjoyed putting this book together as I love to make books. In my picture trail album you can view the Never Ending Journals that I've made in the past. Never Ending Journals

Here are some photos of the book I just finished creating.
never endingj ournal cover rubber stamped front cover
never ending journal binding spine with binding with a dangling magnifying glass charm

never ending journa linside front cover inside front cover with library pocket, blank tag, and small envelope (typewriter and word write were rub on's.   (R)  first signature in book.

never ending journa lsignature 1 first signature and 2nd signatures

never ending journal signature 2 back of 2nd and 3rd signatures

never ending journal signature 3 signature page with an envelope to store ephemera

never ending journal signature 4 back of 3rd and 4th  signature
Whew, I seem to have spurts of creativity. Doesn't seem to be any in between for me.
elaine signature3


Susan said...

What a wonderful journal. I love that it can be reused! Great title!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Wow Elaine, what an amazing journal! I'd love to know more about how you did this. Having removable signatures is such a great idea and I can think of dozens of ways to put this to use!