Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mod Podged: Coaster Project

This summer on one of my mini vacations on Cape Cod,  I found 3 nice round drink coasters at the VNA thrift store that were inexpensive, and I bought them. The round coasters had the design of the state of Texas and a cowboy hat design. I don't live in Texas, so I wanted to give the coasters a face lift, and this morning I finally got around to altering them. I painted the top of the coasters with a coat of white gesso. When the gesso was dry I mod podged decorative napkins to the coaster tops. Below are my NEW coasters. I will probably use them as little extra tuck in gifts. The floral bouquet is round, but it doesn't look like it in the photo.
floral bouquet, rose with script, shoes
coasters round
This past week, I found more coasters. A stack of 10, heavy coasters at the Salvation Army. The way the coasters were taped together I didn't realize that they were engraved with  Classic  golf tournament players and tournament info.
I didn't know if I gesso'd over the tops  of the coasters if they could be salvaged. I wasn't sure if the slight indents would show up when the napkins were decoupaged on the tops.  If the indents were really evident, then I was going to cover them with heavier decorative hand made paper, and then with napkins. Here are the first four that I worked on this morning with just the gesso, napkins and mod podge. I still have 6 more coasters to recover.
coasters beach . coffee coasters sea . garden chair
The coasters all need a finishing coat. I will probably spray them with Envirotex.
Below is the link to my picture trail albums. In the Misc. Artwork album you can view several coasters that I mod podged with napkins in the past. My picture trail albums.
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Diann said...

Elaine, your coasters look lovely and yes, they will make nice gifts! Diann

Dorothy said...

great coasters!!!

Alicia said...

Elaine Your coasters are beautiful!!! Last year I made my mom a set of 18 coasters (pictures of all her kids and grand kids) and I used the Modge Podge- She totally adores them and I know the recipients of yours will as well!!! *Hugs*

Elaine Akers said...

Alicia...I was thinking of doing photo coasters, but didn't have any ready to use when I did these this morning. I also thought of putting a group photo in the center of one of the small wooden trays that I have.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cute! I love Mod Podged coasters!